Pascäal releases free debut EP, announces follow up 12″

Having recently signed a deal with Vresh for his debut 12″, today marks the release of his debut EP which is available as a free download on our Bandcamp.

Texas based producer Peter Wiley, previously known as Subvader has a large history of high quality releases under his previous alias with remixes for Clicks & Whistles amongst others. Now he’s starting all over with an excellent debut EP.

An EP of two tracks with opener ‘Lamborghini’, an upbeat house track with muffled synths, little vocal snippets and a whole lot of sharp samples constantly building up to a climax with what ends as a perfect blend of all the sounds combined.
The second track ‘Apollo’ features a similar build up but with totally different sounds. Sounds that create a large atmosphere reminding you of space, like the title of the track suggests.

Download the free EP over at our Bandcamp. Just fill in 0 and we do not require an e-mail to download. Stream/download it at our Bandcamp:

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